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2019 – LEXUS NX 300h

Lexus announces yet another hybrid model to compose its nationally traded portfolio: the NX 300h. In addition to the CT 200h hatchback, available in Brazil since 2012, and the new generation of the LS 500h sedan, launched earlier this year, the NX 300h is the third vehicle equipped with hybrid technology to be marketed by Lexus in Brazil, registering a new and important moment in the trajectory of the brand in the Country towards the electrification of its line throughout the world. The arrival of the NX hybrid line reaffirms Lexus’ commitment to the 2050 Environmental Challenge, a global corporate vision announced by Toyota in 2015, which comprises six sustainability challenges including producing and selling new vehicles with zero emissions of carbon dioxide, aiming to reduce the negative impacts caused by cars to the environment to the nearest possible zero. Since arriving in Brazil in 2015, the NX has established itself as the leading vehicle in the Lexus line, accounting for more than 50% of the total sold by the brand. In addition to a new engine for the three versions available in the Brazilian market – Dynamic, Luxury and F-SPORT, the Premium NX 300h compact SUV adopts items that increase comfort on board and enhance the driving experience for consumers who favor modern design, superior performance , high-tech equipment and refined finishing.

Mechanical, transmission and hybrid motorization

The Lexus Hybrid Drive system that powers the NX 300h 2019 line combines the pleasure of driving a powerful gasoline engine with the economy of an electric motor, delivering an extremely comfortable and quiet driving experience, and establishing a relentless combination of performance, efficiency reduction in the emission of gaseous pollutants. The new NX 300h’s hybrid system combines two engines – a 2.5-liter four-cylinder 16-volt gasoline engine and a permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor that provides better power-to-weight ratio and improved efficiency in addition to a hybrid nickel battery. The system varies the power between the gasoline engine and the electric, alternating or combining the two as needed. The combustion engine has isolated power of 155 hp at 5,700 rpm and torque from 210 Nm to 4,400 revolutions. The electric propellant, in turn, generates in isolation 143 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque. Together, the two engines result in combined horsepower of 194.45 hp, acting highly efficiently and prioritizing the power requirement according to the driver’s driving style.

The NX 300h also has an all-wheel drive system. In response to driving conditions, AWD technology automatically directs the force to two or four wheels as required, improving traction on different types of terrain. The AWD system includes the Active Cornering Assist (ACA) function, which adjusts the front and rear driving force to compensate for corner turns with greater or lesser force demand, improving stability and control, and improving the efficiency of the vehicle since the wheels receive extra strength only when needed. To further enhance the driving experience, the NX 300h has Hybrid Transaxle transmission in all versions. This type of transmission delivers a more linear acceleration, which continuously reduces or increases gears according to engine demand, without wasting energy, contributing to fuel efficiency. With the introduction of the hybrid powertrain, the driver has another EV mode driving option available, giving priority to the electric motor only and is recommended for short-haul routes at low speeds. All versions now have the following modes: Normal; Eco, to prioritize fuel economy; Sport for a sportier and more agile ride; and EV, without fuel consumption and without emission of pollutants. The F-SPORT version adds the SPORT + mode. Coupled with the AVS variable adaptive suspension system, this configuration conveys a greater sense of sportsmanship on dodge ram 1500 car covers.

Performance and efficiency

The hybrid engine adopted for the NX 300h allowed the model a jump in the ranking of the Brazilian Labeling Program of INMETRO. Due to the optimization of fuel and the reduction of gaseous pollutants from the combination of the new engine, coupled with the Hybrid Transaxle transmission, the compact SUV received an ‘A’ rating as an extra-large vehicle category. The improvement achieved in fuel consumption in the city is about 52%, while the reduction in CO2 emissions (112 g / km) reaches 26% compared to the model equipped with only gasoline engine.

External design – outstanding presence

Lexus has preserved for the hybrid model the strong essence of the NX’s design, which has been appealing to customers seeking aggressive, striking and sophisticated styling. The entire body of the NX 300h features rigid body formations, assembled from digital technology and laser welding, using high strength steel and aluminum and structural reinforcements, strategically positioned to achieve the desired lightness level. Since the line 2018, the bumpers have been redesigned to highlight the aggressive architecture of the model, causing an even bolder expression of carved diamond. The ends of the front bumper fuse to the body and accentuate the vehicle’s posture, while the sides give a muscular look to the NX 300h, with creases extended to the rear, in a multidimensional format.

In the front, the Dynamic and Luxury versions have a Spindle-type grille and fluid lines with the front hood and doors, while in the F-SPORT version the grille fills the front area of ​​the vehicle broadly and features a high-gloss honeycomb finish . The front optical assemblies feature full-LED L-shaped lamp projectors that guarantee unique clarity and constant illumination at high angles to the driver. The novelty for the set from the line NX 300h 2019 are new sequential arrows, both front and rear, for the Luxury and F-SPORT versions. The fog lights, also in LEDs, integrated in the front bumper, have corner lights from the Dynamic input version and contribute to excellent visibility both at night and in low light conditions. The brake lights accentuate the L-shaped illumination, dynamically highlighting the brand’s signature. The entire NX 300h line features 18-inch alloy wheels. In the Luxury version, the finish is glossy with dark metallic coating. F-SPORT has a two-tone black and silver finish for added sport appeal.

Inner design – hospitality and sophistication

The interior of the NX 300h faithfully respects Lexus’ commitment to the principles of Omotenashi hospitality by combining the urban feel of the vehicle with the structural and functional beauty of a high-performance machine. The sophisticated craftsmanship characteristic of the brand is present in every detail, highlighting the exclusivity and work of Takumis, master craftsmen of Lexus. The model maintains functionalities, practical space and technologies at hand, in order to ensure that both driver and passengers feel fully at ease and have on board a moment of unique pleasure with absolute convenience, as if they were in their own houses. The interior finishes have exquisite materials that refer directly to the Premium concept, such as details on leather, steering wheel, seats, transmission knob, panel and center console, in addition to the panel in central panel and doors in standard wood for the version Luxury and metal for F-SPORT. The F-SPORT configuration also adds unique panel trim, unique seams and perforations, sports seats, aluminum pedals and steering wheel emblem. On the other hand, the Dynamic input version has interior finishes of the cabin in textured metal.

Comfort and Convenience

Among the items and equipment that help raise awareness, comfort and convenience aboard the NX 300h are the exclusive Lexus multimedia LCD display, which has been on the line since last year with 10.3 inches for Luxury and F-SPORT and 8.0 inches for Dynamic. The Lexus multimedia system is compatible with digital TV (in Luxury and F-SPORT versions), AM / FM radio, DVD player, CD-R / RW, MP3, WMA, Bluetooth system with microphone and amplifier and camera with guide lines. Functions such as average and instantaneous consumption, autonomy, average speed, external temperature, gear indicator, tire pressure, audio information can be found on the 4.2-inch TFT screen computer present on the entire NX 300h 2019 line. In Luxury and F-SPORT versions, GPS navigation can also be checked. The F-SPORT version also features a head-up display, with 3D projection on the windshield with information on speed, audio, GPS navigation, ECO direction indicator, and G-force plus the smartphone wireless charger. All three versions feature dual zone digital air conditioning, Smart Entry System and engine start via the Start Button. As a novelty for the 2019 line, the NX 300h now has a hands-free system for opening the trunk, which works by means of motion sensors in the Luxury and F-SPORT options. The compartment also has electric opening and closing for these versions.

On the driver’s seat and front passenger of the whole line there is electrical regulation for distance, incline and height adjustment. The Luxury and F SPORT settings add lumbar adjustment, memory function with storage capacity of up to three profiles, and the Return & Away function, which slides the steering wheel and driver’s seat back or forth automatically when the facilitating the entry and exit of the driver. The heating system of the front seats is another exclusivity of these two versions, Luxury also extends the functionality to the other occupants of the rear seats and also has electric folding of the backrest of the backseat, another novelty for the line 2019 . From the Dynamic input version, the NX 300h features a multifunction steering wheel with audio control, on-board computer, telephone and cruise control. The Luxury version has an electric sunroof equipped with anti-smash system and one-touch operation, while in F-SPORT the sunroof is fixed panoramic. Since the Dynamic version, the internal rear view mirror is electro-chromatic and the external mirrors have electrical regulation, automatic folding, heating system and direction indicators. The anti-glare and tilt down functions are enabled in the Luxury and F-SPORT versions. Windshield wiper with speed timer, rear window defogger and rain sensor are also present throughout the line. The trunk has internal lighting, luggage hooks and retractable cover.


The Lexus NX 300h’s genuine line of accessories is comprised of 12 items that meet the diverse needs and preferences of customers in design, sophistication, convenience, functionality and safety. All Genuine Accessories are developed by Lexus Global Engineering, following strict brand rules to assure a high level of quality, strength and reliability. Some accessories that can already be found and installed in Lexus dealerships and Lexus dealerships are:

  • Design: Key cover and chrome plating of the trunk lid, illuminated sill.
  • Convenience and functionality: Side flaps, side stirrup, roof cross bars, trunk tray.
  • SafetySafety kit for wheel, trunk sill.


Colors available for the NX 300h are: Sonic White, Black Graphite, Classic Black, Mercury Gray, Titanium Gray, Platinum Silver, Coral Red, Amber Brown and Meteor Blue. The colorsSuperNova White, Olympio Blue and Orange Lava are exclusive to the F-SPORT version. The internal colors are beige, black and ocher (Dynamic and Luxury versions) and white with black, black or red with black (for F-SPORT configuration).


The NX 300h 2019 line has a four-year warranty and is already available on the Lexus network.

  • F-SPORT – R $ 260,990
  • Luxury – R $ 240,110
  • Dynamic – $ 229,670
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